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Offered -- an ultra-prime ecommerce dot-com domain name offered for sale or lease-to-own. Domain name is wholly owned by original creator and is guaranteed free of any financial or trademark/copyright entanglements or incumbrances.
The BIDNESS.COM domain name was, until recently, showcased by The Bidness Center, an ecommerce resource web site geared for medium to small and SOHO Internet bidness ventures. BIDNESS.COM is a property of The Audemus Group of Mesa, AZ, USA.  

How much is a domain name worth?

Probably the best guide as to how to appraise the value of a great business domain name would be much like value is established for other properties, such as real estate -- what did it sell for the last time it was traded?

I have owned BIDNESS.COM since it was registered as a new domain name in 1996, therefore it has never before been sold to establish a fair market value by that means. However, a reasonable and prime indicator of the value of BIDNESS.COM would be to compare it to the established market value of a very similar domain name, BUSINESS.COM.

In 1999, eCompanies purchased the domain name BUSINESS.COM for a then-record-setting $7.5 million (Wall Street Journal, 11/99).

Just eight years later, R.R. Donnelley Corp. purchased this prime domain name and all associated assets for a whopping $345 million!
[That report is here].

In February of 2011, online B2B marketing giant Resource Nation acquired BUSINESS.COM and all associated assets for an amount and terms that are even yet to be disclosed. Needless to say though, it's not hard to imagine the hefty sum that surely was fetched in this most recent transaction for BIDNESS.COM's "Yankee cousin."

As the available pool of prime dot-com domain names dwindles, it would seem only reasonable (if not hyper-conservative) to appraise even that original sale price of long ago ($7.5 million) as representing an extraordinary bargain by today's market values. (Who knows what it'd fetch today?)

In the US interior, throughout the Midwest, South and Southwest, we do "bidness." So, the most equitable means of setting the market value for BIDNESS.COM would surely amount to simply acknowledging the term "business" as being the more formal, academic and Northerly term, and then calculating what percentage of the established market value of BUSINESS.COM should the domain name BIDNESS.COM represent? 75%? 50%? As little as 30%?

One might as well ask: What percentage of the US population do you suppose would pronounce the term as being open for "bidness," or ready to do some "bidness?" Give a listen as you travel and deal with merchants and CEOs throughout the vast US midlands. If you believe that mass of population would represent as little as 30%, we'd suggest that opinion would represent a rather scant minority.

Originally from East-Central Illinois, I can vouch for the fact that many, perhaps even the majority, of folks even up there in Yankeeland speak of "doing bidness."

BUY IT NOW DISCOUNT! -- SEPTEMBER, 2021 UPDATE -- I have MUCH more use for the money now than for what the domain is really worth later. As such, I'm willing to sacrifice a ton and call a paid-in full outright purchase price good only thru October of of $1,750,000. You read that right. But after that "good thru" cut-off date, it's back to full price as my immediate use for the cash will have passed and I will be inclined to exercise patience to extract the full value of this ultra-prime domain name.




For a limited time, the domain name BIDNESS.COM will be offered for sale or lease-to-own under the following terms and conditions:

Outright Purchase --

1. The asking price for outright ownership of BIDNESS.COM is hereby and temporarily set at a mere 40% of the 1999 actual sale price of BUSINESS.COM. An extraordinary base minimum in light of the MUCH higher 2007 established value.

SUMMARY -- $7,500,000 (outdated established value for BUSINESS.COM) x 40% = $3,000,000 sale price for BIDNESS.COM.

[Sidebar: I "retired" a career as a chemist in 2000, and upon that retirement began doing full-time ecommerce on the Web with BIDNESS.COM. Owning such a prime domain name has been so handsomely profitable in just those few years, I am now satisfied to retire in earnest. Otherwise, and were The Islands not beckoning so alluringly, an unhurried and accurate appraisal would surely look more like 80-100% of the 1999 sale price of Sometime in the near future, according to personal circumstances, the price for BIDNESS.COM will go up to 50% of that 1999 value -- $3,750,000. I simply have more use for the MUCH lower sale price sooner than I would have for the full yet still modest value of the domain name later.]

2. Downpayment (earnest money) of 15% ($450,000) to be placed in escrow to initiate domain ownership transfer. Balance of $2,550,000 due upon successful transferrence of domain name ownership. Seller will accomplish domain name ownership transfer to buyer within 30 days of earnest money deposit. Seller will have no claim to the earnest money in escrow until it has been substantiated that domain name ownership transfer has been accomplished. Buyer will accomplish payment of the $2,550,000 balance within five (5) business days of domain ownership transfer. Failure of buyer to meet that payment schedule will cause buyer to relinquish any claim to ownership of the BIDNESS.COM domain name and to the earnest money on deposit.

3. Buyer will allow seller to retain one BIDNESS.COM domain e-mail addresses (alias) for a period of up to 90 days in order to affect address change notifications with corporate, professional and industrial contacts. The e-mail address seller shall retain for up to 90 days on the BIDNESS.COM domain shall be:

4. Purchase of domain name does not include web hosting or domain name parking or any files currently hosted or sub-hosted on BIDNESS.COM. Buyer is responsible for securing their own web hosting, secure server hosting and all such IT facilities or services. Seller will accomplish, or assist the buyer in accomplishing, transfers as related to and reflected by the DNS record (primary and secondary server IDs, etc.) with the domain registrar of their choice. Current domain registrar for BIDNESS.COM is GoDaddy <>.

10 Year Lease-To-Own Option --

1. This offer is also good only if initiated before end of May of . Lease for one full year (12 calendar months) for $450,000 (same as initial 15% deposit to buy) with option at close of lease period to renew for up to 9 succeeding years at $300,000/year. Seller will credit the full and total annual lease amounts paid toward the purchase price. Summary purchase total for this lease-to-own arrangement is $3,150,000.

2. Seller will affect permanent and full ownership transferral to the buyer upon payment of the final (10th) lease year or within 30 days of the buyer paying the full remaining balance of the $2,700,000 (after first year) lease-to-own purchase price any time before the 10th leasing year. Seller retains full and ultimate ownership of the BIDNESS.COM domain name until all conditions are met to represent payment in full by the buyer.

What is included with transferrence upon completion of sale of BIDNESS.COM?

-- All legal rights of ownership to the BIDNESS.COM domain name.
-- Nine years prepaid domain registration in the name of the Buyer with ICANN approved registrar of choice.
-- All intellectual property rights associated with domain name ownership.
-- Assistance by Seller to affect all aspects of a smooth transaction and domain ownership transfer.

Two additional prime domain names thrown in as nice cherries on top: ~ and ~
Nice Cherries!

Questions or comments regarding the sale, transfer or any other subject pertaining to BIDNESS.COM should be directed to the sole owner:

Stephen Harrison
The Audemus Group
Mobile Phone: 1-217-549-1122 (voice/text)

Terms and conditions of this sale offering are subject to cancellation or modification by the seller at any time prior to the initiation and acceptance of these terms. Seller is agreeable to third-party brokering of this transaction by any competent individual or bidness named by the buyer, subject to approval and written agreement by seller. Buyer pays all such broker's fees, commissions and any related fees and expenses. Seller pays all fees, commissions and expenses associated with the escrow account and management. Buyer agrees that the home county of the seller, Maricopa County, AZ, shall retain legal jurisdiction to resolve any matter that may come into dispute regarding the sale and transfer of the BIDNESS.COM and/or any accompanying bonus domains. Seller warrants that the domain name BIDNESS.COM is free and clear of any/all incumbrances, liens, trademark infringements or any other type of claim by any third party.